Office printers? Yes! You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. it’s all a confusing really. But it is in the offices where things get real and you have to use them, repair and service them whether you want to or not. And if not, then you will be likely buying business printers very soon.

But then again when you think about it and consider all the costs involved when buying a new printer against the cost of repairing the broken parts, then chances are you are going to opt for repairs. This article has listed some of the biggest office photocopiers and printer annoyances and how you can fix them.

  1. Ink cartridge can’t be recognized

You will find this problem occurs in the Epson printers more often than in the other printer brands and the main culprit here is that the Epson printing company has purposefully engineered their printer’s software to detect and reject non-genuine cartridges.

  1. Incorrect or wrong cartridge installed

This error message is more common in the HP and Canon printer brands that use Microchips on their cartridges. Several factors can lead to this issue including:

  • Faulty microchip on the cartridge.
  • When the cartridge isn’t firmly clipped to the printer.
  • Dirty microchips or printer terminals.
  • Outdated cartridges.
  • Some cartridges are region-locked.
  1. Missing print or white lines on the printing

This occurs mostly when the print head has been partially clogged and it is more common with the Brother and Epson printers since they both use a Piezo Print Head. You may notice this on other printers if they are left idle for too long and the ink dries up in the print head.

  1. Wrong-colored images

This can happen if you install the ink cartridge without removing its “breather tape”. But in most cases, it’s also caused by a partially blocked printer head. Ensure that the tape is completely and properly removed from the ink cartridges before you install them.

  1. Printhead error message

The only way you can fix such an issue is by removing all cartridges, taking the print head out and cleaning it before you reinstall it.

  1. Ink levels not detected

Brother printer is the main culprit here and it occurs most whenever you are installing a new cartridge. You then only need to install a new cartridge when the printer asks you to do so, especially with the printer for small business from the Brother brands.

  1. Ink leaking from the cartridge into the printer

This issue is more common in the poorly designed compatible cartridges. You will find that these cartridges are either poorly molded or the ink valves don’t seal properly. The best solution here is to look for a reputable company with compatible cartridges and only buy from them.

  1. Vertical lines on a page

Happens mostly when the Drum Unit in the toner cartridge has been scratched. This is not uncommon, especially with the re-manufactured toners. Replacing the toner is usually the only option if this occurs.

  1. A vertical line on the edge of the page

Usually, it appears on the right margin and can mean that the drum in the toner cartridge is starting to wear out which is a clear indication that you need to replace the toner.

  1. Excessive grey background

This issue is most common in the Laser Printers which usually means that the transfer roller in your toner needs to be replaced. You can also try reducing the printer’s density setting or even using lighter weight paper and see what happens.

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