Yes! You have finally found a new home. You have already rented a truck and even bought the boxes and tape to help with the moving process. Hudson movers offer professional moving services. The only thing left is for you to pack your stuff and be on the road to that new place. How hard can that possibly be?

By learning how you can pack your stuff most efficiently and effectively, you can ensure a smooth transition process and ensure that all your stuff arrives in peace. Here are some top-ten packaging tips for moving also filled with smart, moving tricks to make the whole moving process smooth and cool for you.

  1. Declutter unnecessary stuff for a lighter move

Don’t move anything that you don’t need anymore. You can sell or donate or even trash these items to reduce your workload. Also, get rid of anything that is broken or mismatched or even unused that you feel you will not ever use. You can also organize for a donation pickup to take all the unnecessary items that you don’t need any more or even sell them to get a few extra bucks.

  1. Pack things ahead of time

It is wise that you start packing the stuff you need from the main rooms of your home first. You can also create an inventory of all your belongings which should help you to locate any of your items whenever you need them quickly.

It is best to start the packing process early enough so that you do not strain yourself at the last minute.

  1. Label everything and also take photos of all electronics

You should ensure that you stay organized while packing.

  • Put all the bolts and screws from furniture in ziplock bags then label them
  • Color code your moving boxes by room to make it easier knowing what stuff you need where
  • Label all the moving boxes on the side.


  1. Have essentials totes that have everything you’ll need

Have one box set aside for each room that will carry only your personal items that you will need in the first few days after you have moved to the new place.

  1. Package breakables like dished carefully

Don’t package breakables with silverware or Bakeware. You should also stuff them with newspapers or bubble wrap to prevent them from breaking.

  1. Use quality moving boxes

Don’t cram all of your things in few cardboard boxes to save cost. You will only be making matters worse, like risking your breakables breaking. Buy moving boxes that are designed for moving purposes.

  1. Save space when you’re packing clothing

You should try and save as much space as possible when packing clothes. Excess clothes can end up taking the most space of the moving truck if left unattended in time.

  1. Protect your furniture from damage

Remove all the secure drawers and even doors beforehand. You can hire moving professionals to help you with the heavy furniture.

  1. Use wool strings

You do not want to have more stress when unpacking. This is where wool strings come in. You can create a pull tab that you can easily pull without having to use scissors or box cutters when unpacking.

  1. Pack these items separately

Some hazardous items like fire extinguishers, chlorine granules, paints and varnishes, ammonia, etc. Must never be packed with other household items. Pack them separately or even dispose of them safely before you move.

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