Slip and fall lawsuits are among some of the leading personal injury claims that can befall even the full-service restaurants. And when you do adequate research on the matter, you will realize that most of the claims made against restaurants are about personal injuries concerning slip and fall lawsuits. Restaurants spend a lot of money in hiring a slip and fall lawyer in handling claims.

As a restaurant owner, it is vital that you know exactly how to handle such cases should any arise. More studies on the matter have also found that there is a surge in the overall number of slip and fall cases involving restaurants.

Many restaurant managers have now been forced to train and educate their employees on the steps they need to take immediately a slip and fall injury occurs to anyone within the restaurant premises. This action allows you to be ahead of the curve instead of trying to recreate situations that occurred a long time back. This article has tried to explain some vital precautions that you need to look into that can protect you in slip and fall cases regarding your restaurants.

  1. Responding to injury claims after incidents occur

When it comes to the verified incidents, it is vital that most restaurants follow these simple guidelines to help protect you from the slip and fall claims:

  • Properly gather all information relating to the incident immediately after it occurs. This can include anything from taking photographs of the area to documenting the incidents that led to the incident occurring.
  • Also, you need to ensure that all the managers, as well as the supervisors who are active at the time, are tasked with ensuring the reports are completed. They also need to be well trained on how to complete these reports.

You should capture video surveillance, photographs, reports, and any other statements attached and preserved on the restaurant on any slip and fall injury claims.

  1. Put all the puzzle pieces together, even when you see no witnesses

Sometimes, there are incidences where you can find that no one else manages to see the incident as it happens. This is the time when you can find that a plaintiff fabricates allegations which suggest an incident occurs in a specific location. And if this happens, you might find it impossible to conduct and determine a timely investigation following the incident.

Record keeping and electronic data are also essential in places where documents or pieces of the evidence are not available. You also need to save your documents electronically if anything happens to the other documents.

  1. Using third-party experts

Including third-party forensic experts to scan your evidence area to try and create and even recreate the scene. If the victim of the injury complains about defective stairs, uneven surfaces or even a tripping hazard, then these third-party experts can help create a non-biased and computer-generated scenes.

  1. Proper organization and communication is essential

You may even find that some of the tools used in the overall investigation process are costly. And this is where you, as the restaurant owner should take steps to work with the corporate and even the regional managers.

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