Trash compactors may just be one of the must-have pieces of equipment in every major business out there today. And households are not excluded here either with the problem of having to deal with household garbage becoming much easier with the reduced number of trips outside to the garbage cans. Good Rotobale trash compactors will also prevent any trash from compiling and overflowing onto your house floor.

These may very well be the main reasons we keep trash compactors in your homes. And when you happen to have a broken trash compactor, then you will feel the weight and amount of pressure you will have for needing to either have it fixed or purchase another brand new one. You can also decide to try and do a little mechanical stuff on the trash compactor yourself to see if you can fix any issues with it. If you can, well and good cause you will have a running compactor once more. But always check to make sure that the trash compactor is unplugged from the power source before you start to do anything to it.

This article aims to try and explain five common problems you may face with your trash compactor in a question and answer format.

  1. Why isn’t your trash compactor working?

Well, the first thing you will have to do is check to see whether your unit is receiving any power. Most trash compactors run on 110V outlets. You can verify that the power outlets are giving out power by trying a different electrical appliance on them like a hair dryer or something. If there is no power coming through the outlets then you can try the power fuse or the circuit breaker and see if they are okay. You can also check your compactor drawer. Most compactors can’t work if their drawers are open or not closed all the way.

  1. Why will your drawer no open or close?

For one, the trash compactor drawer won’t close if the ram isn’t all the way up. You should always check to make sure that it is all the way at the top before attempting to open the drawer. Garbage and other things may also have built up over time in the guides, wheels, or tracks which will affect the compactor if not checked and cleaned regularly.

  1. Why is your trash compactor so noisy?

In most cases, the noise comes from the time the monitor starts running and also since you are operating a unit ram that is mostly driven by gears and belts. You may also hear a lot of loud noise when trash is being compacted.

  1. Why is the trash compactor so smelly?

Sometimes, you will find that some trash and food particles spew out of the compactor’s drawers and bags and stick on the ram or in the tracks. These foods and other trash particles will start to stick over time, which is what you will smell. You can avoid this by regularly cleaning your compactor’s drawers and track units.

  1. What is the best way you can clean your trash compactor?

It is recommended that you always start cleaning from outside, then slowly work your way in with stainless steel cleaners or Degreasers for those compactors with stainless steel finishes. You should use micro-brute appliance cleaners for the other compactor surfaces. Always put on gloves at all times to avoid infections and contamination.

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