Every homeowner ends up being faced with this issue and the only thing they can do about it is to replace the roof or choose to ignore it and watch the problem persist and get worse. When it comes to roofing problems, its best to contact roofers Toronto immediately you notice the problem.

So, by now you probably know that you will eventually have to replace your roof at some point in time and when that time reaches its best that you are well prepared. You need to be able to see the indicators that your roof needs replacing early enough before it gets so bad that you need to spend much more money to replace it.

Those roof flashings and shingles might need replacing very soon. Perhaps they have been up there long enough. So, how do you tell that it is high time you start thinking of replacing your roof? That is the question this article is here to answer using these six obvious indicators.

  1. Physical damage to the shingles

This is usually the most obvious indicator for a roof that needs to be fixed. You will notice that your shingles have begun to curl at the edges, extremely cracked, some are missing, or very dry and brittle. These are obvious signs that your roof is not in its best shape and need immediate attention before it gets worse. Shingles usually last about 20 years before they need to be replaced, but sometimes this period can be significantly shorter owing to harsh weather conditions.

  1. Exterior decay and blistering paint

Hope you know that faulty rooftops can also cause substantial damage to your house walls too. Moisture from the roofs can get trapped and sometimes even seep inside the walls, which can cause decay and deterioration and make them weak. They can also form blistering pain stains on both the interior and exterior parts of the walls and even encourage mold growth.

  1. Increased utility charges

Sometimes, you may notice that even your electricity bills are getting higher by the day, which can also mean that your roof insulation isn’t working as well as it’s supposed to. Moisture from the roof can sometimes reach the insulation and reduce its overall effectiveness and if you have air conditioning, your system will constantly be recording wrong temperature readings leading to increased electricity bills.

  1. Your neighbors are replacing their roofs

Okay, you may think that your roof is still in good shape even when you see your neighbors replacing theirs. But what if you try and have a closer look at your roof? And then think of the reason why most of your neighbors are replacing their roofs at almost the same period. Then you might have the answer and feel the need to change yours as well.

  1. Signs of water damage or leaking

Whenever you notice signs of leaking or even water damage during heavy storms then you know that your roof needs replacing and soon. You can notice this by checking your attic immediately after heavy storms to check for any signs of leaking roof parts.

  1. Moss build-up

Moss is always a real issue to all rooftops, especially when some parts of your roof are ever cool and moist and never get enough direct sunlight exposure. Moss holds moisture against your roof surface and ends up rotting these areas and when they freeze and harden, may break your shingles.

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