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When it comes to the retail industry product packaging can be what makes or breaks a company or business. With so much competition out there it can be a trying process to stand out alone, especially with already well-established businesses.

However, the great thing about business is that if you have found a system or a way that works out best for you, then you will be able to capitalize on that. However, for those who may not be as lucky or have not yet found that particular strategy to implement to start getting sells then we highly recommend that you start implementing some of these strategies into your product packaging design strategy.

# 1 – Add A Voice To The Receipt

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Adding a quick little witty reply at the end of a receipt can captivate your customer. Snapple, for example, uses facts placed inside of the lid. Just adding little facts or suggestion can be all the difference and in a right way.

# 2 – Eye-Catching Catalog

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Provide your customers a catalog of new items and new products they can buy. Furthermore, show they products that would go great with the product they just bought. This will significantly raise your business revenue.

# 3 – Free Samples

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Who doesn’t like things that aren’t free? By providing your customers free items after they have made a purchase and including this free coupon or item inside the package will be a great surprise for them. This will make them much more likely to buy again an again eagerly awaiting a new product they have purchased.

Everybody loves free stuff, and when you sugar coat this with giving them a surprise as well, it makes customer much more eager to buy from you in the future.

# 4 – Promotions

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Like our last entry offering free items and giveaways is an incredibly brilliant strategy from a business perspective. Promotions are all the rage, and they do a great job of getting the word out there about your product or service.

# 5 – Throw In A Shout Out

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If you have a customer who has been purchasing from you for a while and you have them on record, it will prove to be invaluable for your business to give that person a  shout out in the package or on social media.

In the package send them a letter thanking them and shouting them out for their patronage. We will explain more about this shortly.

# 6 – Package Little Goodies

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Surprise your customers with little goodies. A candy bar, a letter, a keychain. Just by giving them something they didn’t ask for you will be surprised at how much they will be affected by that; in a positive way of course.

# 7 – Show Gratitude

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By taking the time and writing a personal handwritten thank you message to your customers for their patronage (not all just the loyal ones) you will be able to capture their hearts even more and in the end have people who will go out and promote and advertise your business for you… and simple because you showed gratitude. Don’t underestimate a simple thank you. It can do wonders for your business.

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