When selecting a hotel, most people run to online reviews to see what is ideal for them. This is a good thing because reading reviews can actually paint an accurate picture of the hotels you are considering. Other than complaints about poor service, cigarette burns, and ugly stains, you will also see reviewers complain of chipped paint, water damage, broken walls, holes in the walls, busted doors, and dated walls. However, we rarely stop to think of the amount of movement that goes on in these hotels. Due to the high traffic in hotels, the walls start chipping and cause your building to look shabby. Repeatedly repairing walls for such a large premise takes time and money, making it quite a costly affair. As a hotel manager, the onetime solution that you should be looking at is using stainless steel corner guards.

Benefits of using corner guards

  1. Corner guards provide attractive, long-term, wall protection that will save you from costly renovations.
  2. Corner guards are available in various finishes; you can coordinate them to match the interior of your hotel or utilize them as a design component.
  3. Due to their durability, protecting walls with corner guards will save you time and money
  4. Protects the edges of the walls from the damage that might weaken the adjacent walls
  5. Provides a smooth transition from the wall to the corner
  6. As a hotel owner, you need to uphold the level of quality and class that your guests expect. By protecting walls using corner guards, you will be protecting your investment and save yourself from embarrassing online reviews.

Why Choose Stainless Steel Corner Guards?

Corner guards are not similar! Guards made of stainless steel should be your only choice when selecting guards that will protect your hotel walls. Unlike other cheaper options around, stainless steel corner guards still provide the best value for your money. Steel is stable, and it can withstand weather changes. Whether the temperature changes from cold to hot or vice versa, steel will not have any adverse effects. Plastic guards, on the other hand, are not able to live up to weather fluctuations. Over time, they start to bulge; sag or crack and this will start looking unsightly and will not offer the needed protection.

As a hotel owner, one constant concern is how to keep the appearance of your premise at its best. With normal traffic from guests, repairers, and employees walking the hallways, the corners of your walls are generally the first areas to display wear and tear. With stainless steel corner guards, your walls will have a smooth and durable layer of protection. These corner guards also add a sense of beauty and sophistication to your structure because of the amount of fixtures, materials, and colors they come in. A good source of information is the Boss Corner Guards blog, which has more insights and resources available online.

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