Stretch film is a highly stretchable film made from linear low-density polyethylene mainly used to wrap items tightly to ensure they are bound tightly. Stretch film plays an important role I keeping things together to minimize loss and destruction, especially when moving them.

A stretch film has many uses in our homes because of its sturdy, versatile and puncture resistant properties. Below are some of the typical applications of Malpack stretch film.

  1. Used for Packaging

It is one of the most common uses of stretch wrap. Stretch film is ideal for packaging almost anything is it household or commercial items. This type of film is capable of bundling together many things and prevent them from unnecessary movements hence keeping them safe during movement.  Fragile items such as glass, then stretch film your ideal packaging choice because its puncture resistant thus will protect your items.

  1. For Industrial Use

Another significant use of stretch film is in industries. Here it is used to wrap industrial items because of its ability to keep bulky items together. In most cases, a max film is used because of its durability hence can hold heavy duty items effectively. Most industrial products are often wrapped in a dense duty stretch film to keep off dust and preserve its condition, especially during transfers.

  1. Stretch film is used for Protection

Stretch film is made of polyethylene material that is durable and versatile to protect your items adequately. This film comes in various degree of thickness hence can be used for different purposes. For instance, when you want to use it to wrap heavy and fragile materials, you can use the thicker option. It is also possible to layer up stretch films to the maximum thickness for enhanced protection of your items.

  1. To wrap Gifts


Stretch film is also a great gift wrapper because of its versatility and its many colors. If you are visiting and you need to make an impression with your gift you may need to consider using stretch film as your choice wrap. When used to wrap items such as fruits and vegetables, it will help to preserve its freshness.

  1. Book Wrapping

Library owners and book lovers will attest to the fact that when it comes to safeguarding your books all you need is a stretch film. When this film is used to wrap books, it will preserve its newness and prevent it from aging quickly.

So, the next time you want to keep your treasured collection in shape, you can try using stretch film to wrap them, and the best news is that you will find them in many exciting colors.

It is evident that a stretch film is one of the essential items in your home because of its various uses. Its ability to be utilized in almost all aspects of our day to day lives makes it quite indispensable. It is also important to note that stretch films are environmentally safe and therefore can be used comfortably in the home setting.




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