Every business has some materials which they’re always using to manufacture and produce end products and or services to their consumers. It is, therefore, important that you, as the businessperson, ensure that these business materials are handled properly and taken care of by incorporating material handling solutions and equipment which can make all that possible.

These are material handling equipment designed to handle all types of your business materials be it for your assembly line, stockroom, distribution center, or anywhere else where moving loads are required. Some of these systems used to handle different types of materials include positioning equipment, transport equipment, and storage equipment, and the custom-fabricated steel fixtures.

These steel fixtures are normally best for the distribution centers, warehouses, assembly lines, and stockrooms as well. There are many benefits you can get by incorporating material handling equipment into the overall production process of your business like:

  • Adding internal strength
  • Increase the shop floor space
  • Boosting worker safety
  • Improving the inner plant logistics
  • Extending reusability
  • Refine staging and handling
  • Eliminating wide load shipping permits
  • Optimizing your production line
  • Augmenting part protection
  • Increasing lean manufacturing success


  1. Multi-use systems

These are material handling systems which have been custom engineered and are often a combination of the products incorporated into one system. Take a build stand, for example, which is usually utilized throughout the assembly line which eliminates the time-consuming part of the transfer line. Here are more examples of multi-use systems:

  • Staging stand
  • Product build stand
  • Assembly stand
  • Ship/handling stand


  1. Positioning equipment

Products and material that have been poorly placed in places of work are always signs of threats to both the products and the people handling the products during the handling, transfer, machining, and even storage processes. Poorly placed products can end up posing the biggest threats on your bottom line. For this reason, you need to consider the ergonomic positioning equipment like the waist level assembly or even the lift/rotation assistance. Positioning equipment can also be customized to suit your preferences as well. There is a short list of some of the positioning equipment you may want to look into.

  • Work lifts
  • Stock picker
  • Material flow
  • Product build stands
  • Hydraulic post tables


  1. Storage equipment

The storage equipment can greatly enhance your production processes and increase safety as well. They also help a lot when it comes to reducing and or eliminating clutter, preserve the floors and storage space, and organize other tools and equipment. When you have a business where work is operating smoothly and efficiently, then you will automatically have a safe environment for your employees. Some of the examples of the storage equipment used in businesses may include:

  • Racks
  • Carts
  • Rails
  • Shelves
  • Stationary fixtures


  1. Transport equipment

The transport equipment machines are used to move materials from point to another like in between workplaces or the storage and the loading docks, etc. Transport equipment helps a lot by minimizing the extra costs which would have, otherwise, incurred if you were moving the heavy products by yourself. Here some examples of transport equipment you may need for your business:

  • Dollies
  • Stock picker trucks
  • Flat deck industrial carts
  • Bar/pipe transport cart
  • Canted cradles
  • Tool and maintenance carts
  • Ergo handled carts
  • Mobile storage cabinets
  • Panel sheet cart
  • Cantilever carts
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