Laminating sleeves are extremely delicate items and when stored inappropriately, you can end up with seriously damaged products. This is the reason why you need to have sleeve storage systems installed in your business if you deal with laminating sleeves in your business. This idea will also allow your employers to have quick and easy access to the sleeves without causing any damage to them which might, in turn, render them unusable.

Here are some pretty neat methods that you can apply in your company to safe-keep your sleeves. Some of the main benefits of having a sleeve storage system in your business.

1. Modular design

One of the main benefits of having a good sleeve storage system is its flexibility features. Sleeve storages are designed to enable you to easily expand your system according to the amount of storage that you desire. This makes these storage units more suitable for facilities as they can expand and assemble their sleeves to fit into the storage spaces available. The storage unit parts are also quite easy to assemble and increase their storage to the size which best suits you and your business.

2. Safety of the sleeves

These storage systems are designed to store sleeves vertically, which helps them to counter and gravitational effects and allows them to retain their shape and make them last longer. It is vital that the sleeves maintain their shape as this will allow for the proper placement of ink and easy placement of the sleeves on the press. This way, you can easily get the results that you are looking for. Storing the sleeves in vertical positions also helps keep them from bending or slanting and this helps to protect the edges.

3. Efficient use of storage space

Sleeve storing solutions uses dynamic racking when storing sleeves. Using this method ensures that only small storage spaces are needed to store large amounts of the laminating sleeves. In the traditional storage systems, large amounts of space are used to store laminating sleeves. The sleeve storage systems help save this extra space which you can then use for other purposes in your business.

Then there are the flex storage solutions which are designed to hold and store sleeves with different dimensions, thus, allowing you to further optimize your storage space while also storing your laminating sleeves appropriately.

4. Fast and easy to retrieve your sleeves

Sleeves that have been stored in the sleeve storage systems are usually well organized which enables you to easily and conveniently retrieve the sleeves that you plan to use with less hustle. Sleeve storage units are designed such that every one level only has two rows at the most which enable your employees to easily identify and access the sleeve they need. 

5. Sturdy design

Sleeves are relatively delicate objects and need to be stored in a reliable and sturdy storage system for them to be completely protected from any sort of damage. This is the reason why you will find that most sleeve storage systems are made using sturdy designs from tubular steel.

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