The roofing Toronto industry in Canada has undergone a number of changes over the past few years. Advancement in materials and techniques has made it one of the most progressive industries in the world.

Types of Roofs

The regular roofs of asphalt and wood shingles, tile, slate and other materials are still predominant. However, this is changing. Things such green roofs are becoming more and more popular.

Grass and/or flowers are planted on the roof to make a green roof. Recently, at Toronto’s Sherway Gardens Mall, a vegetated roof was installed. Advantages are listed as decreasing heating and cooling cost, increasing the comfort of the interior stores and slowing storm water runoff.

New Products in the Roofing Industry

A number of new products to improve roof construction have recently been introduced in the Canadian market. Roofing contractors have welcomed these items and look forward to more roof material advancement in the future.

These include:

• Algae Terminator – removes algae, moss, lichens and mildew from cedar shake and asphalt roofs.

• White Solar Reflective Roof Pavers – a roof paver that reflects the sun’s rays and decreases interior heat

• EnerSpan insulation reduces heat transfer by radiation. Cost effective, durable and resilient.

• InterWrap® has Sure-Foot®slip resistant walking surface underlay. Used under shake, metal and shingles on sloped roofs.

• Liquidarmor™-CM – liquid flashing alternative for commercial buildings, offers advanced air sealing and moisture protection.

• Scotchgard™modified asphalt fiberglass shingle, provides higher tensile strength and other advantages

Henry ®Aqua-Bloc®PUMA – two part rapid-curing liquid membrane for waterproofing flashing and roof systems

Another interesting item that has been introduced by roofers is the use of a drone. This was recently used to inspect the roof of the British Columbia Legislature. The drone was equipped with a high-definition camera and a video, which made it possible to scrutinize the area for needed repairs.


Choice of siding depends on what part of the country you live in. Whether you choose vinyl (most popular), aluminum, wood, fiber cement or wood fiber composite will depend on the type of building you have and the weather. Some types require painting every few years, while others, such as aluminum siding, keeps its color longer.


The majority of eavestroughs consist of aluminum, which comes in various weights. Choosing the correct type is important if you are to prevent leaves and debris from blocking the troughs and downpipes. A good choice will provide a 40-year warranty and is well worth the price.

Today’s roofers

Today’s roofer must be knowledgeable regarding new items being introduced if he or she is to provide their customer with the best roof or roof repair possible. Those who belong to the Canadian Roofing Contractor’s Association have the advantage of receiving information on the latest in technical improvements in the industry.

You can view new roofing products by attending ROOFTech conventions, which display innovative products, materials and technologies regarding roof installation and repair.

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