Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Apprenticeship and Certification Act
Unrestricted Trade Trade Code 610C
NOC 7315


  • Certify airworthiness of airframe, piston and turbine engines, avionics and electrical/electronic systems, propellers and rotary systems
  • Troubleshoot aircraft structural, mechanical or hydraulic systems to identify problems and adjust and repair systems according to specifications, technical drawings, manuals and established procedures
  • Repair and overhaul aircraft structural, mechanical or hydraulic systems
  • Install or modify aircraft engines, mechanical, hydraulic, flight control, fuel and pneumatic systems
  • Dismantle airframes, aircraft engines or other aircraft systems for repair, overhaul and cleaning, and reassemble
  • Perform and document routine maintenance

Personal Qualities

  • You will have significant responsibility since lives will depend on your mechanical skills
  • You will work indoors where noise and vibrations are common
  • You enjoy working to close and exacting tolerances
  • Some of your work will be on ladders or lifts and you need to be physically flexible
  • You have the stamina to be on your feet for long periods of time
  • You demonstrate honesty and integrity
  • You like to learn new things on a consistent basis
  • Review the Essential Skills profile for additional skills required

Career Opportunities

  • Aircraft maintenance engineers usually specialize in working on specific aircraft systems such as engines, engine accessories, airframes, propellers, mechanical components or hydraulic systems and specific kinds of aircraft, such as light aircraft, jet transports or helicopters and may work for aeronautics companies, airlines, municipal airports, cargo carriers or the military
  • Aircraft maintenance engineers may work for small, medium or large size companies on a full time basis

Educational/Training Requirements

  • The minimum entry for apprenticeship is Grade 12
  • Completion of a 7,200 hour apprenticeship program is required
  • Aircraft maintenance engineers who sign maintenance releases and certify airworthiness require an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s (AME) licence issued by Transport Canada

Training Availability

Apprenticeship Training Red River College – Stevenson Campus
Portage La Prairie, MB
1-204-428-6300 –>