Child and Youth Worker

Child and Youth Worker Apprenticeship and Certification Act
Unrestricted Trade Trade Code 620A
NOC 4212


  • Protect self and others by maintaining a safe environment via safety inspections, emergency procedures, crisis intervention techniques, physical restraint techniques, and identifying signs and symptoms of abuse
  • Practice and promote health through consultations with health professionals, social agencies, and by monitoring health and emotional problems
  • Communicate with clients, colleagues and other health and social professionals
  • Build relationships with clients by demonstrating interest in the client, responding to client’s behaviour, building self-esteem and negotiating focused goals
  • Plan and set up appropriate programs by identifying client’s physical, mental, and emotional requirements
  • Work in a group setting by planning, organizing, leading, and facilitating group activities
  • Work with the family to assist in identifying and assessing client’s needs
  • Establish goals and plans of action
  • Participate as a member in a team environment by promoting and maintaining professional conduct, resolving conflict, acknowledging individual differences and supporting team members
  • Perform organizational duties by completing documentation, performing administrative duties, testifying in court and managing workload

Personal Qualities

  • You like helping people
  • You like working with young people with problems
  • You are in good emotional condition and will work to stay that way
  • You have the emotional stamina to give of yourself
  • You respond well to stress
  • You are well organized and have a high energy level
  • You are safety conscious
  • You are dedicated to lifelong learning
  • Review the Essential Skills profile for more qualities required

Career Opportunities

  • Child and youth workers are employed by school boards, group homes, hospitals, and correctional facilities

Educational/Training Requirements

  • The minimum entry for apprenticeship is Grade 12
  • Completion of a 6,240 hour apprenticeship program is required

Training Availability

Trade Related Programs

Centennial College – Ashtonbee Campus
75 Ashtonbee Road
Toronto, ON M1L 4N4
416-289-5000 or 1-800-268-4419

Humber College – Lakeshore Campus
Toronto, ON

Apprenticeship Training

Centennial College
For locations contact Employment Ontario at 1-800-387-5656

Potential Earnings

  • Apprentices progress along a wage scale according to their particular company’s scale or in the case of unionized workers, according to their collective agreement
  • Wages 1 typically range from $13.00 to $28.65 an hour, excluding overtime, with journeypersons usually earning the higher end of the pay scale

Prospects For Employment

  • Employment is expected to grow more rapidly than the average rate for all occupations through the year 2009 2
  • Employment opportunities are linked to government spending on community and health resources
  • Most child and youth workers work full time for a single employer