Get Better Courier Services By Following These 5 Simple Steps

Before you can send a parcel, there are some factors that you ought to consider. Be careful of the contents you select and ensure that your package will arrive in one piece and in time, especially due to proper packaging. If you’re wondering what else to consider, below are 5 simple steps to follow so as to get better courier Toronto services.

1. Picking the courier service

It is very important to select the courier service that meets your needs. These needs will differ from shipment to shipment. This can depend on the value of the parcel which can be emotional or financial. Be aware that you’ll have many options to choose from but select the one that meets your needs.


2. Label your parcel

This is the most basic requirement that most people tend to overlook. Ensure that you include the sender’s and recipient’s information and address for a smooth and sure process. These details should include both phone numbers so that it can be easy to communicate in case of anything. You can also add more information that you deem necessary.


3. Ask about special shipments

Different places have different rules and regulations when it comes to shipment. For example, shipping within EU is not as sending an item outside EU especially when it comes to the customer paperwork such as the proforma invoice. Also make sure you’re aware of the prohibited as well as the dangerous items. These will require some special procedures that you should be aware of.


4. Book a pickup

This is also very important though most people tend to ignore this fact and hence the numerous shipping complaints. It is imperative to ensure that your parcel will be picked up by a specific courier. Make these arrangements beforehand by booking a pickup via online applications or customer services. It is also important to visit your nearest service point where your shipment is normally prepared and checked.


5. Tracking your parcel

After dropping off your parcel or handing it over to the courier service that you’ve selected, the next step is to track it. Many courier services will offer a tracking page or platform that you can use to check the status of your parcel. This is usually conducted online and throughout the period. You’ll be given a tracking number that you’ll use and if you’re a registered member, there will be automatic status notifications that will be sent to you either via email or text messages.